Agurot for you, meals for them

Help rescue meals for people in need by donating agurot with every credit card purchase


How Do I Round Up

Join Igul L’Tova Round Up and each credit card transaction you make will be rounded up to the nearest shekel, with the leftover agorot donated to Leket Israel to provide rescued, hot meals to youth at-risk, elderly citizens and needy families.

How it works: you buy ₪76.80 → you pay ₪77.00 ♥ you donate 20 agorot

Why Leket Israel

leket volunteers

What Our Igul L’Tova Round Up Partners are Saying

שיר 1

Signing up was easy and simple. With this I am doing something good for those in need with minimal effort.

Shir, Architect

I’ve been volunteering with Leket Israel for two years. This is one more small but meaningful thing I can do for those who have less.

Nir, Hair Stylist

We Rescue Nutritious Surplus Food for Those in Need

טון ירקות ופירות
Tons of Fruits & Vegetables
ארוחות מבושלות
Hot Meals
נתמכים מקבלים מזון
Recipients Supported

Round Up for Leket Israel and Rescue Food for Those in Need